KSEB Launches Incredible App With All Online Features !!

In order to find a relevant and secure application for using your transactions which mainly deals with paying your bills is being a harder event to move on as if such applications are less in number. We natives have even though downloaded and installed a lots of android applications from the Google Play store for our personal needs but can be realized that those might be fake or any unofficial applications which do only serve any one of their online feature. KSEB is an industry owned and performed by the Government of the Kerala State which mainly deals with the electricity to be provided for the people in Kerala. And so KSEB abbreviates for Kerala State Electricity Board which has required officers and authorities t sanction new consumer facility and repair the existing issues related with the supply of the electricity.

Electricity Board in Kerala are located each in a Panchayat or Corporation but it would be much more difficult for the people who reside much far away from the board to come and pay their electricity bills or file any complaint to the authorities relating with the supply of the electricity. And so the Government of Kerala has made an incredible decision with the IT specialists by creating an android application for the Kerala State Electricity Board as if it could help the people to save their time by easily paying their bills through this android application instantly. Therefore the Hon. Minister has officially announced the details of the application and have launched the application today itself. To have it you android phone, you just need to download and install the android application from the Google Play store directly or you can get the app by checking the link provided here.

KSEB Official application is the latest offering and self service facility for customers from KSEB Limited which extends a host of features. The new android application is designed with several features that could help the users widely in their daily life. First of all is that you need to download and install the application from the link provided here. And then you should create a new account by registering into it using your electricity consumer Id which will be available in you electricity bill and your mobile number to verify the customer. And so a personalized account could be created from this website link in minutes (wss.kseb.in). You have finished all the process to acquire the application and the rest is to know the application clearly. You have a quick pay facility for paying the electricity bills where you don’t need to register any account for paying the bill. It means that to pay any electricity bill you don’t need to register an account and the relevance of a personalized account to view the consumer’s profile.

Normally, the apps we use does only contain the feature to add any one account at a moment, but the new android application has been enabled with a feature to manage 5 consumer numbers in one user account. you can check your bill details for the past 12 months and could also make a chart for controlling the extra usage of the electricity that you need to consume. You could also check your consumption details of your building or home and also have the feature check the payment history for the past 12 months. One of the best feature added in this new android application is that you can use your debit or credit cards to pay the bills o even you could make it with the net banking if available. Also you will be notified up-to-date regarding your payment confirmation and will be alerted correctly regarding your bill due date. Though we all described the new android application, we should also ensure that the android phone we are using should have an Android operating system 2.2 or above to use this android application.