Make Your Own Revenue Using Instagram App !!

Instagram is one of the most popular social media applications. Facebook acquired Instagram in 2012, recognizing the potential of Instagram, which was launched in 2010. Instagram is a place for sharing pictures. Instagram is now a favorite destination for movie stars. Instagram is now the most used language by many. Easy to use and highlights photo and video is one of the reasons why Instagram is so popular.

Now, like YouTube, Instagram has become a way to earn money through Instagram. The news that Instagram monetization is low now means that Instagram users will get cash in just a few months. There will be 2 other ways to get cash on Instagram. The second way is the income from IGTV video. Right now a lot of people are making money through Instagram through Collab and Instagram page. Advertising will be the source of income for Instagram as well as YouTube.

Earnings via Instagram Badge is when using the live system. When someone comes live, some of the people who ask the question come up with a comment highlight. It is a cash-for-badge system. When a person buys a badge for cash, the person who comes live gets the cash. What is the benefit to the people who give cash is that the comment highlight gets a good promotion to his account. It is seen by many and thus helps to own many followers. There is a system on YouTube called Super Chat.

Another option is to generate revenue through IGTV video. These are videos that are more than one minute long. When you watch a video on YouTube, an ad comes up. Similarly, when you watch such a video from now on, an advertisement will appear on Instagram, so that the person who posted the video will get an income. If one of our videos gets an ad, we get 55% of the money the company spends on that ad. The rest of Instagram gets only ads that are 3 to 5 inches long. Instagram only accepts videos with honest content. Slideshow video and text video will not be considered. This system has been tested on some people who have a lot of followers in the United States and Instagram has seen results. Vertical video will be considered only. The system will reach India in a few months.

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