Manglish Malayalam Keyboard App

Since we have been using smartphones, as being a Keralite we mostly use our own language Malayalam to chat and share information through communication facility apps. Though there are several apps that support chatting facility, its been hard to type Malayalam language without a third party application that loads Malayalam language. However the small crisis is going to be in an end as a new updated application has been developed for the Kerala peoples whoever want to chat or share info’s in Malayalam language. At first of all, its a Malayalam keyboard that can be used in all communication application with ease.

Manglish Malayalam Keyboard is the new and updated application that is developed by ClusterDev who has implemented amazing features in this android application. After you download the android application from the android market and install it into your smartphone, its all done with basics. The next is give permissions to the apps you want to have the Malayalam keyboard for typing in Malayalam language. Actually how it works is the highlighted part of the features in this application. Manglish Malayalam Keyboard app provides a mixed combination of English and Malayalam in which the letters would be displayed in English.

Describing this android application, Manglish Malayalam Keyboard which is commonly known as Manglish has transformed the way users type Malayalam on Android who also save time using the word prediction and accurate phonetic transliteration and Malayalam voice to text typing feature. Its also amazing that there are more than 10 million users who have downloaded and installed the application from the android market into their smartphone. Also the review ratings states that the app is hassle free to use which leads to the best user experience. When enabling any keyboard that you download from the android market mostly android shows a standard warning every time. But the fact is that the Manglish Keyboard doesn’t collect or store any personal or confidential information.

There are several features in this android application which provides its users the best in its experience. The app states that you can type by speaking to your phone using the new Malayalam Voice to Text typing feature which is called Manglish Voice. Also its a fact that we Malayalee’s mostly use stickers to share the moments and make expressions according to the chat situation. But we need to download a sticker application separately for getting such stickers of our own. Anyway the new app has the best Malayalam movie sticker comments. Using these amazing fun stickers in your conversations inside any messaging app will make you connect with your friends or relatives so deeply. You can download the application from the android market directly by searching Manglish Malayalam Keyboard or click the link we have provided here.

Manglish Malayalam Keyboard App Android Download Link


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