Meesho App States As A Super Fashion App For Women

Clothing is always a favorite of women. Dresses that go down in new fashion concepts are a favorite of any woman no matter how old she is. Online shopping is now a system that everyone chooses to shop for clothes. With Covid also gripping the world, it is difficult for people to go out and shop, so online shopping is one of the most popular options.

Flipkart and Amazon are the most used for online shopping. Apart from this, mynthra and ajio also came for clothes shopping. It’s true that people used to do that. Another clothing shopping app has arrived at the venue that broke the shopping app. It has a lot of features that are different from other applications. This app is not only a good business option for housewives.

The name of this app is Meesho. It is also the largest retailing application in India. The uniqueness of this app is that you can get good clothes at very affordable prices. Another feature is that the clothes are available at wholesale rates. What makes it different is that there is no delivery charge. Many women are reluctant to shop online because of the huge delivery charges that many shopping apps impose.

When shopping at Meesho our bank account is linked to this app and a small amount of money arrives in our bank account after shopping. Not getting a lot of big money at all. It has online payment system, cash on delivery and net banking. It has a system of receiving clothes within 7 days of ordering. The disadvantage of this application is that the number of the delivering agent is not shared.

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