Plan your House Design with Smartphone: Planner 5D

Planner 5D application to develop your own design in your house by drawing 3D, 2D drawing. Which helps to draw realistic interior and exterior of your new house design. And also this application will run your Laptop and tablets and basically this application for smartphones. This application looks virtual reality and gets our plan very originally. Its too simply by getting started. Just signing by users social accounts that’s all.

By creating for clicking new project drawing gonna be start. Basically making the rooms pretty simple that users can choose their rooms various sizes and shapes from catalog which provides by Planner 5D application and also users can customize the room’s wall. If drag the room once users can change as they like. You can delete a wall, drag the walls to increase the size, and you can add more points on the wall that can act like corners.

Users can simply zoom in and out very easily to view widely. This application can use both offline and online. After created a room users can add a name about that room like Dining hall, Kitchen so on. By adding window, sofa like a usual drag from catalogs. Width and height can adjust as you wish. Basically the windows, doors, furniture becomes free but users want a stylish look designs the application providing pay options for new design.

After paying the amount over 3000 catalogs are available for designing. If you want only seven days subscription you will pay around $299 for 1HD snapshot,  2HD snapshot catalog access by $199 for 60 days and Full catalog access of 3HD around $999 should pay. Lastly unlimited catalog access for 5HD only $1999 should pay. At the center of the screen they were a camera button to take a snapshot of the design which helps send to your clients.

This application is supported by both Android and Apple store to download. IN exterior users can add more decoration like gardens, garage, lawn, pool and garden furniture also. Lastly this application provides save the project option and while opening users should move to online. Around 20,000,000+ downloads on Google Play, 40,000,000+ interior and exterior designs created by our users, 50,000,000+ Planner 5D users worldwide,  2,000,000+ snapshots made.

The detailed information about this watch following videos.

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