Rain water harvesting just for Rs 1500!

Here to gonna be saying about rain harvesting which more effective to contain pure water in your well or tank. Rain harvesting is not become popular in city many of them are thinking its too expensive and complicated. There also question about quality of water and space required to harvest the rain. But the experts says all these issues easily overcome. Typically there is a misconception that rainwater harvesting cannot be done in small house or small side.

The process of setting up a rainwater harvesting unit is also quite simple and it can done with an half day by himself or one day only. Initially gonna be capture the water at high points for example a stair case roof we should connect to rain barrel. The system is much easy, initially you have plastic gutter which brings the water from the roof top there is called first rain separator to leave out the dirty water from the first try. And its comes from half cut PVC pipe from the roof top.

Then should place a water barrel at the end of the falling position of rainwater. Here to say how to make a filter. Initially we should place the after tank or barel from the well around thirty degree slop which helps the water fall in to well very fastly. After that Basically three items are moulded inside the barrel. Around one third portion of barrel becomes baby metal and another one third portion becomes gritty sand and charcoal and lastly also take one third of baby metal.

Totally the materials becomes covered with this material in this barrel around more than half portions. Before that we should take 1 litter quality can like asianpaint or berger bottle and makes hole little to filter and the most wanted that the materials that fills in barrel should not pass from this barrel otherwise the water becomes filter via  1 liter can. It becomes placed at the bottom of barrel that will connected the pipe which connects well.

Before this we should clean or wash the baby metal, charcoal and gritty sand even the color becomes change to pure water. The charcoal becomes very hard to clean so be patience to clean well. Even the cleaning becomes fail the water also becomes very dirty and not pure. Lastly at the top of the barrel we should place a basket which covered with net and holed for keep from dirty items such as leaf and small species. Even before the rain should clean the basket firstly. that;s all.

For detailed information watch following videos.

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