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Translate your image with this Google Translate App!

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Highlights 1.Translate is better than any other translation tool. 2. Translates in more Indian languages. 3• Provides voice feedback. 4• Google can also translate web pages. 5. Translate text messages. 6. More than just the meaning Google Translate is an extremely useful tool to translate words and sentences from one language to another. It supports a number of languages ​​from around the world and you can use this translation service on your iPhone, iPad, Android, and other devices. If you’ve used the app, it’s likely you’ve only used it for voice translations. It can actually do much more than that and you need to learn some of these tips on how to use it.

A Google Translate is a multilingual neural machine translation service developed by Google, to translate text, documents and websites from one language into another. It offers a website interface, a mobile app for Android and iOS, and an application programming interface that helps developers build browser extensions and software applications. As of May 2021, Google Translate supports 109 languages ​​at various levels and as of April 2016, claimed over 500 million total users, with more than 100 billion words translated daily. As one of the best language translation apps around, the Google Translate app offers a lot of handy features and is available for Android and iOS.

Let’s look at the features of Google Translate … 1. Text translations: Type in the text (103 languages). When Tap to Translate is on, you can copy text from any app on your Android device and translate it to another language. Turn Tap to Translate on or off (a) Open the Translate app. (b) At the top left, tap Menu. Settings. (c). Tap Tap to Translate. Enable. 2• Offline translations: Type in text offline (59 languages). When you’re travelling somewhere without access to the internet or don’t want to use your data plan, you can still use the Google Translate app on Android and iOS when your phone is offline .3• Instant camera translations: The camera translates in real-time (88 languages).

Translate what you find through your camera (a) On your Android phone or tablet, open the Translate app (b) If needed, select your source and target languages. At the top left: Select the source language you want to translate or tap Detect language. … (c) Tap Camera Instant . (d). Point your camera at the text you want to translate. 4.Photos: Take a photo and upload for more accurate translation (50 languages). Google Translate can now translate text in images through your phone’s camera. Google has pushed out a new version of its Translate app for Android, adding optical character recognition to the linguistic toolkit. … They also have to be using Android 2.3 or higher .

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5. Conversations: Real-time, two – way conversation (43 languages). .Step 1: Start translation (a). Open the Translate app. (b). At the top left and top right: Tap the languages shown. Tap the languages each of you speak. (c). Tap Conversation. (d). Say something. 6. Handwriting: Draw text and characters on screen (95 languages).Translate with handwriting or virtual keyboard (a). Open the Translate app. (b). At the top left, tap the Down arrow. the language you’re translating from. (c) At the top right, tap the Down Arrow. the language to translate into . (d) At the top right, tap Handwrite …. (e). Under ” Write here, ” draw a character, word, or phrase. … (f). When you’re done, tap Translate.

7. Phrasebook: Save translated words and phrases. The latest addition, Phrasebook, lets you save translations for later reference. In practice, it’s quite similar to starring items in your Gmail inbox; simply click the star icon under your translated text, and the sentence ( or words ) in question will be saved to your Phrasebook . 8. Tap to Translate: Tap to copy the text in any app and translation pops up (Android only). When Tap to Translate is on, you can copy text from any app on your Android device and translate it to another language. Tap to Translate can only translate text in an app, not images. Important: The text you’ve copied will be sent to Google for translation only after you tap the Google Translate icon.

There are literally no other translation apps, free or paid, that can wholly trump Google Translate and it continues to sport a 4.5-star rating on the Play Store. Google Translate currently supports 109 languages as of now along with support for pronunciation, transcription, offline translation, camera translation, dark mode etc and Google is also constantly adding more features to it. These more than 1 billion downloads are from users and not OEMs since the Google Translate app is not a part of the mandatory Google Mobile Services core apps package. That means that people with Google Translate on their phones all went to the Play Store and downloaded the app from there. Given that it’s been more than a decade since Google Translate’s Android App was pushed out, this one billion figure is not surprising.

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