WhatsApp Updates With Special Features For Its Users !!

Those who do not use WhatsApp will be much less. It is a little more true to say that there is no one. WhatsApp is also a social media application that most people spend time on. WhatsApp is a system that is easy for anyone to understand and understand. That’s why people love WhatsApp so much. Even business deals are now through WhatsApp. People can not even think of life without WhatsApp now. WhatsApp was recently integrated into Facebook.

WhatsApp has arrived as a new feature. WhatsApp now has a feature called Payment. Google pay, phone pay and paytym are commonly used to transfer money over the phone. So we may be wondering why this option in WhatsApp. This is a cash transfer option. How to transfer money using this, open the chat of the person who intends to give cash. Take the pay option from it. Then allow. WhatsApp can be connected via UPI or mobile number. But this transfer will be successful only if the cashier also registers in it.

Next is a feature for those with low storage. This is a help for those with small stocks. You can delete unwanted items through WhatsApp without going to the file manager. First take the WhatsApp setting and then the storage data. Above that, the forwarded message will be highlighted. Larger than 5Mb will be displayed. You can delete videos that are not needed there. This is also done in the media.

The next feature is the option of automatically disappearing the message. All messages chatting with this system will be automatically deleted in 7 days. Many WhatsApp users do not know what the new feature is. Many people interact with what it is. Recently, there were rumors that WhatsApp was losing money and that you would have to pay cash to use it again.

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