Which Android smartwatch is ideal for you?

Conference Google I/O this year was really spectacular. Not only were presentations of the new Android (version 5.0) and Android Auto system for cars, but it also had representatives of different companies offering units of its smartwatches so the public could try them, and in some cases, take them home. Three large clocks seen in the event were the Samsung Gear Live, the bike 360 from Motorola and LG G Watch. We are talking about three devices that have appeared virtually from nothing, since the information that was on them so far was very low.

These three clocks run with a special version of Android to smart Accessories: Android Wear. Even though the platform has had a couple of problems after its launch, it is be quite promising. Android Wear allows the user to use voice commands can set reminders, texts, find directions, check access applications from third parties and much more, all without need to remove our smartphone in your pocket. Now that three devices Android Wear have been announced (two of them are already on the market) you may wonder what is ideal for you.

That actually goes on tastes. The key differences between these smartwatches are in design and in some particular technology used. If you are looking for style, then the bike 360 will be your best choice, but unfortunately you do not have a scheduled release date. If the style you do not care much and opt more for hardware, then insurance it will be you well with LG G Watch both the Samsung Gear Live. The differences between these two latter are very few indeed, although Samsung has a heart rate sensor, which adds some points in its favor. G Watch both the Gear Live are already on sale, but only in United States and Canada.