Which of the two is best for Xiaomi MIUI and Android One ?

There will be no one who does not use an Android phone. MIUI is an operating system on Android that has undergone some modifications at Xiaomi’s behest. Android One is a direct launch of Google. It is also known as Stock Android or Stock ROM as it comes directly from Google. MIUI is an OS modified at Xiaomi’s discretion. Google’s Android makers make the necessary changes to every ROM and pass it on to users. The same thing happens with MIUI. MIUI manufacturers include their applications and security settings in stock ROM. It also gives users their own ROM.

If a user does not know how to better design a phone theme, they can use Xiaomi’s theme app. Each of these is very innovative and can be used with a variety of themes. We also have the freedom to make changes to each theme. If you want to change the font of the existing theme and use the font of another theme, there is a way to do this in the theme application. In addition, MIUI does not have an application drawer. The app drawer is a way to show all the apps on our phone in a single column. It is used throughout stock stocks.

But MIUI follows the same pattern as the iPhone. It also features all the applications on the main screen. MIUI has anti-virus application. It scans applications and other files on our phone for the presence of viruses, MIUI has a RAM cleaner and a call recorder. Currently available up to version MIUI 9. One drawback of this is that it takes a long time for updates to come. It’s been a year since the latest version of Android was released, but the same version will arrive in MIUI.

Stock Rome is a little ahead of MIUI, and many doubt that Xiaomi’s is a Chinese company. For someone who likes changes, MIUI will definitely like it. It works on Android. Xiaomi’s used MIUI on all phones up to September 2017. But in September they partnered with Google to launch the Mi A1. The OS used in it is Android One. Xiaomi’s recently made a choice on their Twitter – the topic of that choice was whether you like MIUI or Android One. The winner of that election was Android One, Stock Rome

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